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Mrs May’s object lesson in how not to do it!

We are all supposed to be sympathetic to Mrs May. How many times have heard that ‘she got the best deal she could’? Or, ‘it was the best the...

USA to return to the Moon

President Trump in a White House ceremony on Monday signed a new directive aimed at sending American astronauts back to the moon — the Trump administration has insisted this...

UKIP Shoots the Lion

UKIP seems to have finally killed the beleaguered "Lenny the Lion" logo. Facing a backlash from members, who apparently were not consulted on the logo change, and legal challenges from...

Hookem Slams Henry Bolton in Strong Statement

Former UKIP Assistant Deputy Leader, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed scandal-ridden UKIP leader, Henry Bolton’s refusal to resign, saying, "You will soon be leading a party of one if your...

Huge petition to home SAS Hero

Since Bob Curry appeared on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan, a petition has been started to home Bob in a Council Home. Bob was one of the first men...

Nigel Farage: “Theresa the Appeaser”

WATCH Nigel Farage speech from Wednesday morning in the European Parliament. He says: "I'm not surprised you're all very pleased with her, Theresa the Appeaser has given in on virtually...
President Trump recognises Jerusalem

Trump honours decade old promise

President Trump has honoured a decade old promise, made by former president's Obama, Bush & Clinton to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The move has been welcomed by...

SINKING SHIP: Pressure on UKIP leader to QUIT ramps up

The UKIP leader, Henry Bolton faces resignations from top team Henry Bolton is under pressure to resign following a unanimous no confidence vote by the ruling body of UKIP. This follows...

Estranged Bolton’s wife will ‘focus on the children’

Continuing our coverage of the alleged affair between UKIP Leader Henry Bolton and Jo Marney, Boltons estranged wife has now spoken. Bolton, 55, this week was slammed by the public...

Richard Tice on leaked Brexit forecast: “What a load of absolute rubbish!”

Watch as Richard Tice, the Leave Means Leave Co-Chairman talks about the leaked forecast analysis done that attempts to demonstrate that the North East of England would be significantly worse...


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With "Brexit Betrayal" becoming a common term used across the country, is there any surprise that Nigel Farage's new party - The...

OUTRAGEOUS: EU Political Propaganda gone too far in Primary School

A primary school in Plymouth have landed themselves in hot water after making children as young as four take part in a...

Joint Russian and European scientific studies of the released-activity phenomenon.

EP deputies supported a joint Russian and European forum to discuss scientific studies of the released-activity phenomenon. On the 21 February, in European Parliament an international conference...