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Migration – the new unmentionable subject?

Next week, the UN's Intergovernmental Conference on immigration will be held in Marrakech, Morocco. This will set out universal rights and conditions for migrants. The Global Compact for Migration is...
Nigel Farage on Brexit

Farage to meet Barnier in Brussels

Former leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage MEP is to meet with the EU's Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier. Mr Farage wrote to Mr Barnier in October to request a meeting after...

COVID-19 Anti-lockdown Protest: “The Peoples Protest”

Below is the first-hand account and review of the recent 26th September 2020 COVID-19 anti-lockdown measures protest - Please note the author of the article has asked to have...

Education System Is Too Expensive – UKIP

With the average student debt running at £50,000, rising to an average of £57,000 for the poorest, there has been growing concern regarding the cost of going to university...
Corbyn, Momentum

Momentum under investigation by Electoral Commission

Corbyn supporting Momentum have come under investigation by the Electoral Commission to see if they broke finance rules in the 2017 General Election. The Elections watchdog says it will probe...

UKIP deputy leader Margot Parker resigns over Henry Bolton

UKIP Deputy Leader, Margot Parker MEP, resigns over Henry Bolton and has called for him to step down as leader. The resignation came after UKIPs National Executive Committee voted in...
Jeremy Corbyn Bottles it

Labour & Corbyn bottle General Election for 2nd time

Tonight - Boris Johnson and the Conservatives brought a second offer of a general election. Under the fixed term parliament act, the House of Commons must vote in favour...

Independent UK MEP Diane James Talks about what is being left out of the...

Independent UK Brexit backing MEP Diane James talks about what is being left out of the Brexit negotiations. She opens by saying the date on which the UK public...

Margot Parker MEP Raises Concerns Over Womens Rights in Nepal

UKIP'S  former deputy leader Margot Parker MEP has raised concerns over how menstrual stigma is costing lives in Nepal. She was reacting to reports on how aid workers are fighting...

IRA linked Gerry Adams backs Corbyn

Gerry Adams, an Irish republican politician who has said he will never "disassociate" himself from the IRA, a paramilitary terrorist organisation, and has now backed Jeremy Corbyn to become the next PM...


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