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EU opens the way towards recognition for Liberland!

EU opens the way towards recognition for Liberland! Answering a parliamentary question, President Junker confirms that whether Liberland, known as Gornja Siga, is in the EU “requires further clarification.” He...

Tony Blair’s Poll states 66% want to ‘LEAVE at whatever cost’

Nearly 175,000 people voted in a poll on the "Tony Blair Institute for Global Change" Facebook page, where is asked Which Brexit option do you want the Government to choose? Two...

Gerard Batten First Interview as Interim UKIP Leader

Gerard Batten just became the 5th leader of UKIP since Nigel Farage stood down, after recently elected Henry Bolton was hit with a string of controversial headlines and internal...

Arlene Foster’s Statement on the Draft Agreement

DUP Leader Arlene Foster: "Northern Ireland must leave the EU on the same terms as the rest of the United Kingdom and we will not accept any regulatory divergence which...

Sadiq Khan’s FAILURE in numbers

Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London in May 2016, succeeding Conservative Party mayor Boris Johnson. Mr Khan won the largest number of votes in one election of any politician in British history, however has he...

Leave.EU & Banks say ‘Leave UKIP, join Tories, get Mogg’

Leave.EU says "Join Tories, Vote Mogg for No.10" Bank's Brexit campaign group, Leave.EU, has been tweeting and posting on Facebook pro-Mogg posts. pic.twitter.com/HjP5meLyyd — LEAVE.EU 🇬🇧 (@LeaveEUOfficial) February 3, 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js This comes days...
Dominic Grieve

Tory rebels supported by Labour

The government is facing the threat of a defeat by rebel backbenchers when MPs vote on its flagship EU legislation. Led by former Attorney General Dominic Grieve - a Conservative...

The moment Nigel Farage says “maybe we should have 2nd EU referendum”

Viribus News reported earlier that Nigel Farage said "maybe we should have 2nd EU referendum". Watch the moment he goes on to say: “what is for certain is the Cleggs,...

RACISM IN LABOUR: EHRC calls out Labour party RACIST conference

Labour accused of blatant RACIST conference The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said that Labours "charging people different rates" due to skin colour is "unlawful discrimination". In a Tweet...

Nick Ferrari: “Our Aid Model is BROKEN & it is WRONG”

Watch as Nick Ferrari of LBC discusses how the UK foreign aid budget is "Broken & ...Wrong" The UK government has set an arbitrary target of 0.7% of the UK’s...


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Paul Crowther

Labour backing remain supporter admits to milkshake attack on Farage

Paul Crowther, a remain supporter who has previously backed Labour as shown on his Facebook page admitted to attacking Nigel Farage in...
Brexit Poll

EU Elections 23rd May: FULL List of MEP candidates

An election the majority didn't want to happen - nevertheless it is happening on May 23rd. Here is your full list of...