The Reytons - Ballard Of A Bystander
The Reytons - Ballard Of A Bystander

The Reytons are back with their third studio album Ballad of a Bystander, a collection of catchy and energetic indie rock tunes that showcase their growth and versatility as a band.

The album opens with Adrenaline, a track that aims to set the tone for the rest of the album – with more of an upbeat drop than some of the recent single releases. The Reytons display their traditional knack for writing catchy hooks and witty lyrics that reflect their observations and experiences of modern life.

It’s interesting to read the pompous reviews out there, mainly because they attempt to fit as many adjectives into a paragraph as possible, and in reality all they are saying is “we want you to change, and stop being what gave you a solid fan base”. Then when they change their sound they will write again to say they have moved too far from their roots. It happens to so many bands – they look to push closer to what the critics suggest. Thankfully The Reytons aren’t listening to the critics – instead they are out meeting fans in their homes, local pubs and joining them for a race on the local go-kart track.

In a world where the media, and “POP” culture is so out of touch with the average person, The Reytons are staying true to their core. Honestly, the album took a couple of listens through to spot the belters. It helped to play it loud – rather than just on a phone speaker. Which does demonstrate why they are such a treat to listen to live.

They have already released 4 singles from the album, however its Seven In Search Of Ten that stands out for its humorous look at modern dating, and 2006 for a nostalgic look at an era where the “music was a little bit better”.

The album also explores some darker and more introspective themes, such as mental health, and relationships. Not Today Mate is a defiant and sarcastic response to the pressures and expectations of society, while World’s Greatest Actor is an observational look at the fake life many outwardly portray. We actually came across one review that suggested the lads were trying to tell you that this fake life was something to aspire towards, just another demonstration that these middle class critics genuinely don’t understand that world.

The album closes with Knees Up, a raucous and upbeat track that celebrates the band’s roots and their loyal fan base.

It’s going to be difficult to pick a set list when they rock out to a crowd of 20,000 – the largest music event Rotherham has seen for over 50 years at Clifton Park. Get tickets here

Ballad of a Bystander is a solid album that proves that The Reytons are not just a flash in the pan, but a band with a lot of potential and talent.

Independent to their core – surely it’s time for them to be given a solid slot on the Other Stage at Glastonbury?

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