52% of voters would still vote LEAVE according to a live Facebook poll run by Viribus News. After the comments made by Nigel Farage suggesting we should maybe have a 2nd EU referendum, in order to put it to bed, Viribus News went to the voters to see how they felt.

The live poll was run for 4 hours and attracted an audience of 89,348 unique viewers, with 9,512 taking part directly in the vote. The results came in nearly identical to the voting percentages seen in the official EU referendum in June 2016; 4,925 voted leave (52%), 4,482 voted remain (47%) and 104 were undecided (1%).

This would suggest the people still think very similar, and as we have already suggested a 2nd referendum only shows that the establishment can just moan, frustrate and use media pressure to get whatever they want.