Watch as a member of the BBC Question Time audience savaged the panel for the excuse that Brexit is to blame for so many nurses leaving the NHS and then hit out at the Government for failing to support them, she called it a “cop-out”.

The question from the audience was, “what should the Government do about the haemorrhaging of nurses from the NHS?” – This question was posed, because the Royal College of Nurses this week said that 1 in 10 new recruits left the profession within three years (Interesting time frame considering 3 years was before the Brexit Vote).

The former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Howard Davies blamed it on EU nurses “going home” rather than coming to the UK after the referendum, whereas the Hollywood screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, blamed it on “hateful Brexit language”.

He said, sanctimoniously: “The dialogue around Brexit was so hateful towards people from other places. That couldn’t have been helpful.”

Thankfully there was some common-sence, as an audience member pointed out that the NHS has been in crisis before Brexit.

She said: “I’m really saddened to hear that the cause of this haemorrhaging of nurses is put down to Brexit, I think that’s a cop-out quite honestly.”

She was interrupted due to a huge round of applause.  The establishment will keep banging the drum, and blaming Brexit for everything. It takes common-sense from ordinary people to help fight back.