Gerard Batten just became the 5th leader of UKIP since Nigel Farage stood down, after recently elected Henry Bolton was hit with a string of controversial headlines and internal conflicts.

The National Executive Committee of UKIP gave a vote of no confidence in Mr Bolton, which resulted in an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), which saw 1,378 ballots cast in the vote, and 867 people backed the motion of no confidence (63%).

Gerard Batten stood up to the fold, and gave a strong and disciplined account of himself on Sky News, where he spoke about potential future policy, he said:

“Policy wise what I would certainly want UKIP to do, is to adopt a policy that says; that no foreign money should be allowed to fund extremist mosques and imams, which is what we have allowed Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan to do for decades”

Watch the above video to hear Gerard Batten go into more detail, and catch the Sky News reporter off guard when he tries to headline hunt.