UKIP Youth Wing forms "Wartime Coalition" following disastrous meeting with Leader...


Young Independence, the youth wing of UKIP, has declared a Crisis Period following a meeting with UKIP Leader, Henry Bolton.

The Crisis Period is unrelated to the alleged affair between Bolton and Jo Marney, which we broke last week, or the fallout including leaking of comments made by 25 year old Marney, and numerous calls for Bolton to resign.

The meeting with Henry Bolton has been described as “unproductive, dismissive and negative”.

Nate Rydings, 19 and chairman of YI issued a statement on the Young Independence website following the meeting

The meeting took place on Friday 5th January 2018, between UKIP Leader, Henry Bolton, Nate Rydings, UKIP Chairman Paul Oakden and UKIP Students head Jake Painter.

It was to discuss planned membership fee increases imposed by Bolton, which sees the under 22 bracket increase 900%, from £2 per annum to £20, and the autonomy of Young Independence.

Also brought up was the position of “Youth Affairs Spokesman” which Bolton had said at a YI Fringe Event would be the elected YI Chairman. See video below.

The statement can be read in full on Young Independence’s website.

Henry Bolton was late to the meeting, which went on for 3 hours. Before he arrived attendees were able to agree that the under 22s would pay £12 per year to be a member of UKIP, instead of the £20.

Also, a new bracket for 22 up to 30 would be introduced, and this would be £24 per annum. Under the new membership fees, this is a reduction of £6, down from £30.

However, these agreements were “vetoed” by Bolton once he arrived to the meeting.

Rydings says that Boltons “attitude towards Jake and I was very dismissive and uninterested.

“He dismissed the issues that Jake Painter and I brought up, interrupting us and talking over the top of us.”

Here at Viribus News we will continue coverage of this situation as it progresses.