Jo Marney, the mistress of Henry Bolton, 55, has made some shocking comments, including that she’d “slit my wrists than spend my life as some kind of baby care giver“.

Marney, who is a model, actress, journalist and self coined “Bad Girl of Brexit” said “For all this crap about women who should be HAVING BABIES” “Sorry but…. thats fucking stupid”

The estranged wife of Bolton yesterday made comment for the first time, saying she “will focus on the children”, one of who was born only in 2016.

The “Bad Girl of Brexit”‘s social media is a mix of UKIP supporting posts and scantily dressed shots from her modelling career.

The tirade from Jo continued “You pop a baby out of your arsehole and spend your life wiping up baby shit”

Marney made the comments in a private group chat on Facebook, Viribus News has learnt.

Jo says that in life she “got fun to be had … work to be done … Men to be fucked … wine to be drunk”

Jo spent Boxing day with UKIP Leader Henry Bolton, 30 years her senior, after reportedly meeting 10 days before hand, according to former campaign manager Susie Govett.

Jo says that she’d rather “slit my wrists than spend my life as some kind of baby care giver”.

Henry Bolton’s mother has said the family is “appalled and devastated” at her sons behaviour.

These controversial comments are seemingly second nature to Marney

The Maidstone based model had previously described Grenfell Tower as a “nest of illegal immigrants of all varieties. That’s why that can’t identify most of them.”