The UKIP leader, Henry Bolton faces resignations from top team

Henry Bolton is under pressure to resign following a unanimous no confidence vote by the ruling body of UKIP.

This follows revelations that Boltons mistress tweeted and DMed racist and vile messages.

However, Bolton refuses to go, saying the party cannot afford another leadership election.

The irony is, he will be both forcing an EGM, and likely another leadership election after.

The EGM must happen on or before 18/02/18.

Brexit spokesman Gerard Batten MEP, a founding member of the party, has demanded Bolton’s resignation, but assured members he will serve them, as he appears to make a run for the leadership.

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Margot Parker, the former deputy leader, who resigned on Sunday, said Bolton’s “personal life took over the job he was elected to do

She demanded that Bolton quit “sooner rather than later”.

On Talk Radio, former party deputy chairperson and leadership candidate in 2016 (the second one) Suzanne Evans said “it’s been lie after lie” from Bolton.

She also calls on Henry Bolton to resign soon to avoid further “embarrassment and humiliation”

Neil Hamilton AM, the most senior domestic elected member of UKIP, tweeted “I support the NEC’s unanimous decision.

“Henry Bolton should resign now so we can get on with rebuilding the party.

“If he forces an EGM, he will only humiliate himself further.”

UKIP’s Manchester mayoral candidate, Shneur Odze suggested in a tweet that the party should be “winding up” post Brexit.

Senior members who’ve resigned positions are:

  • Margot Parker MEP, Ukip deputy leader
  • Gerard Batten MEP, Brexit spokesman
  • John Bickley, immigration spokesman
  • William Dartmouth MEP, trade and industry spokesman
  • Mike Hookem MEP, assistant deputy leader
  • Tim Aker MEP, local government spokesman
  • David Kurten, education spokesman
  • Peter Whittle, London spokesman
  • David Meacock, culture spokesman
  • Star Anderton, disabilities spokeswoman
  • Bill Etheridge MEP, sport spokesman
  • David Sprason, work and pensions spokesman