Leave.EU says “Join Tories, Vote Mogg for No.10”

Bank’s Brexit campaign group, Leave.EU, has been tweeting and posting on Facebook pro-Mogg posts.

This comes days after Banks publicly DROPPED support for UKIP, saying “Let’s face it, UKIP achieved its goal of gaining and then winning the referendum without success in Westminster.”

“Maybe by flooding back into the Conservative Party we can change the course of history again”.

Banks said that with a leadership contest on the cards, now may be the best time to flood into the Tory party and get Mogg.

The Leave.EU campaign urges all it’s followers to “Show solidarity” and “get following @Jacob_Rees_Mogg”.

Banks abandons UKIP and says it’s time to stop the party

Writing on Leave.EU, Banks said that this is “UKIP’s darkest hour and there is no Gary Oldman to pull the irons out of the fire”

He lamented that “UKIP has become utterly useless in defending the popular will to leave the widely reviled European Union”

He suggests a solution “I reckon we could have a clear majority in the Tory party for a real Brexit within months if UKIP wound up and all its members and FORMER members, all of its latent support in the country now joined up to the Conservative Party.”