Labour Votes Against the UK Leaving the Common Fisheries Policy

Labour MEPs vote against leaving the CFP

Mike Hookem 2017

UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has welcomed research conducted by the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation that found 8 out of 10 people want the UK to quit the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) immediately or soon after Brexit; saying, “UKIP is the only party working towards getting the UK fully out of the CFP.”

Speaking from Strasbourg, Mr Hookem continued; “UKIP this week put forward an amendment in the European Parliament that would have ensured the UK left the CFP in March 2019. However, while the Tories abstained from the vote; Labour, the self-proclaimed “fishermen’s friends,” voted against the motion.”

“The fact is, neither the Tories nor Labour, are any friend of the fishing industry unless of course, it’s Dutch, French, Belgian or Danish.

“Only UKIP are fighting to bring back British fishing grounds for British fishers!

“UKIP is the only party committed to removing the UK from the CFP on day one of Brexit and to that end, we are calling for people to sign our petition (

“The British fishing industry must be removed from Theresa ‘the Appeaser’s’ Great Repeal Bill, and return to British control of British waters. Anything less will see the UK’s fishing industry bartered away in return for small concessions in the ‘transition period.”

Voting record for UKIP amendment to the CFP Technical Measures Report (Mato: Amendment 358 (EFDD) to end CFP on Brexit.)

Total voting 57 For, 545 Against, 71 Abstain


Against: UK S&D (Labour), UK Green & other EU Greens

Abstain: UK ECR Tories, SNP, PC, LD