Gunther Oettinger

The German commissioner also launched the idea for another potential source of revenue: the proceeds from the EU’s emissions trading system (ETS).

In a speech, he noted that the member states set climate goals and targets at an EU level, and acts as one at international climate conferences, like in Paris and Marrakesh.

“The only non-European part is the fact that the revenues from the ETS go to national budgets,” Oettinger said.

“I think it would make sense that proceeds from our climate protection policy, from what has been agreed in Paris and Marrakesh and what we do with the ETS should actually go to the European budget,” he said.

Oettinger did not give additional information, and much of his focus afterwards went on the plastics tax suggestion.

“The last time I wrote about the EU’s Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS),  Al Qaeda terrorists made millions out of scamming it, while thousands of British steelworkers lost their job because of it. If the European Commissioners dips their greasy paws into the ETS honey pot, it would be an act of theft/taxation from the taxpayer without their consent and this is always wrong.

As the bureaucrats of the European Commission are not elected, it would amount to taxation without representation, which is repugnant and should not be allowed to happen.”