Henry Bolton says there is a coup out to get him

In a bizarre move, Bolton, 54, the embattled leader of UKIP has released screenshots of a set of messages showing leadership hopeful Ben Walker ensuring a leaker is paid.

At half 11pm, and lasting more than an hour the screenshots kept coming.

Bolton said “An organised coup and insurgency against my leadership of the party has begun.”

He said that “prominent individuals both inside and outside the party” were working with the “left wing media” to destabilize the party, and turn members against him.


Bolton accuses the former lover of Nigel Farage, Annabelle Fuller and Ben Walker of talking to Patrick Gilmour, former partner of Boltons mistress, Jo Marney, 25.



Presented below in full technicolour are the screenshots.

Ben Walker “I can make sure you are paid for coming forward with this”

Annoyingly for this author, the images were not in an album, making them easier to read and contextualise.

Patrick James Gilmour offered no comment when approached.