Watch as Jacob Rees-Mogg was asked how he interpreted Nigel Farage’s comments about a 2nd EU referendum, and responded fantastically.

He stated: “I don’t know why Nigel Farage decided to say he wanted a 2nd referendum. One of the really interesting things about polling on this, at the moment, is that people are broadly unchanged from where they were in the referendum. On the question: ‘do you want another referendum?’ Everyone in this country is Brenda from Bristol.”

He continued: “There is no appetite for another referendum. As it happens, I think there would real anger if there were a 2nd one, because we are not one of those smaller EU states. That when we vote and give the answer that the EU doesn’t like, that we get told to vote again and again until we do as we told as good little boys.”

Mr Rees-Mogg ended by saying: “you would see considerable popular disconent”