Change is coming..

Or so warns Agent Cob, as he launches a scathing attack on Free Press in the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party, said the press have gone “a little bit James Bond”.

He said that reporting about alleged links between 10 – 15 Labour MPs and Soviet & Chezh spies during the 1970s and 80s was showing the press to be “worried … by the prospects of a Labour government.”

Grrr… Corbyn offers stark warning.

Corbyn complained that the media, such as the Sun, Express, Mail and Telegraph is controlled by “billionaire tax exiles, who’re determined to dodge paying their fair share for our vital public services.”

He highlighted that “social media” such as Facebook and Twitter is “means their bad old habits are becoming less and less relevant”

Ofcourse, this author agrees all, within the legal framework of the UK and overseas territories, all should pay their taxes.

It’s strange then, that Agent Cob didn’t bring up the tax affairs of his friends at the Guardian..

Despite selling auto trader for £302mn profit avoided paying any tax, using exactly the same arrangements highlighted in the panama and paradise papers.

And what of these social media companies?

Well, Facebook (market cap Half a trillion dollars) paid only £5.1mn in tax and Twitter (market cap $24bn) £1.24mn in tax.

Someone tell Corbyn (Agent Cob) asap!