Hookem Slams Henry Bolton in Strong Statement

The Former assistant Deputy issues a very strong statement.

Mike Hookem 2017

Former UKIP Assistant Deputy Leader, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed scandal-ridden UKIP leader, Henry Bolton’s refusal to resign, saying, “You will soon be leading a party of one if your tenure continues.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after Mr Bolton conducted a series of media interviews in which he tried to pass the blame for the current crisis in UKIP onto the sixteen resigning figures, by saying they had “abandoned their posts.” Mr Bolton has also been heavily critical of UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC), supported by former leader, Nigel Farage MEP.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “Unlike Mr Bolton, those resigning their positions have listened to grassroots members and taken the only real course of action open to them. Our members are the genesis of this party and the only real thing that matters. Without them, Mr Bolton will be leading a party of one!”

“However, it comes as no surprise that Mr Bolton is not listening to what the membership wants, as a total lack of communication typifies his leadership to-date.

“At the behest of UKIP’s hardworking membership, I have been begging Mr Bolton to put in place a solid plan for the local elections since he first came to power in October last year; yet here we are, months later, with nothing.

“Time and again, I and the other members of the leadership team have also warned of the dire consequences of a total lack of communication between the leader and his deputies.”

“In fact, the breakdown in communication between the leader and his senior team became so bad, Bolton became something of an enigma within his own party.

“From hundreds of un-responded to phone calls; cancelled meetings; and promotional opportunities – to members asking, ‘where is our leader’ on many important Brexit issues; the last four months have been riddled with missed opportunities, confusion and a complete lack of communication.

“As for Bolton’s plans reform the NEC in the light of their no-confidence vote in him; I think these are the political death throes of a vain-man – unable to accept his self-inflicted rejection – who is now hell-bent on doing the maximum damage to UKIP before his inevitable ousting.

“While I believe there is a great deal of room to reform UKIP’s NEC and for the implementation of regional representation within the party structure as voted for in a motion to the party conference in 2014, I’m afraid what Henry is proposing is simply too little, too late.

“For months, Mr Bolton has been asked for a party business plan, yet nothing has been forthcoming. It has become increasingly obvious that Bolton is someone who talks about a great plan but has neither the decision-making ability nor the political experience to lead our party and its members forward.

“It was Churchill who once said, ‘however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.’ This is good advice Mr Bolton should take heed of and act upon. The current crisis is down to one thing, and one thing only; bad personal and political decision making. So I implore Mr Bolton, if he truly cares about the future of the party; listen to the members and resign before there is nothing left to lead!