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Move Over! The Reytons Have Arrived!

The Reytons
The Reytons

Viribus News last reported on The Reytons, a South Yorkshire indie-rock band, a little over a year ago.

What a difference a year makes – from headlining and selling out The Plug, to the infamous Leadmill in Sheffield. Now is it time for the history books to be changed? a trawl through the ‘Wayback Machine’ archives shows that it took The Arctic Monkeys 3 years before selling out the Leadmill, The Reytons have done it in less than 2¬†(the venue is also bigger these days).

The sound has matured with better use of the bass and smarter lead riffs – Canine – the latest release is sublime, and an absolute game changer. The Leadmill crowd weren’t done until that track dropped, and when fans know your stuff only weeks after release, you know something is going right.

The opening poetic style of lead singer Jonny Yerrell had been dropped, at The Plug it was a scene setter, and its use was incredibly successful. Instead, they bolted out of the traps Рand everyone erupted into madness. Its often good to give some calm before the storm, however on this occasion it worked, getting the crowd out of their shell.

A fan base of mixed ages, most of whom had found the band on their Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel, knew nearly every line to every song. If they continue to entice with strong metaphoric filled lyrics then they wont be going anywhere, anytime soon.

How do you get to experience them? well you are in luck – their tour dates have been announced, and you better be quick, as Doncaster and Leeds have already sold out.

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The Reytons Tour
The Reytons Tour

One thing that attracts you to the lads is that they aren’t too try hard – they let their music do the talking. Let’s hope success doesn’t go to their heads, or someone hasn’t bought them a piano for Christmas.

Move over! The Reytons have arrived!