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the reytons - tramlines


The Impact of the COVID-19 – SARS-COV-2 pandemic has been devastating for the Festival and Events industry.

After the cancellations of last summer, major figureheads in the music and events industry have asked for a vital
lifeline from the Government that can help make the future of UK events secure:

● A Government backed insurance policy incase the pandemic causes further cancellations in future
● Indicative dates from the Government for when the industry can hold live music and events at scale without
social distancing
● A 3 year extension to the current cultural VAT reduction amnesty
● Business rates relief for venues that host events

If these needs are met the events industry can plan ahead secure in the knowledge of what is feasible with the
backing in place to protect the industry and businesses involved. However, events are “rapidly approaching the
determination point”, after which they’ll have to pull the plug, said the Association of Independent Festivals.
With the potential loss of much loved UK events looming on the near horizon, now the ticket holders’ are adding
their voices to the cause in a last ditch attempt to highlight what this industry brings to the table economically and
culturally, and why it needs to be protected.

The aim of our ‘#We Need Events’ campaign is to unite both the ticket holders, the artists and crew from the
industry together in a concerted effort so we have a bigger voice in petitioning the Government.

The official launch is on January 30th in what is to be an explosion of noise and creativity across the internet.

“Our hub will be hosting live music and pre-recorded performances and entertainment, showcasing talent from
across the UK. Alongside this we are running an easy & fun photo hashtag challenge (#WeNeedEvents) on social
media, and encourage both ticket holders and industry staff to participate. This will highlight how much we miss and
need events” says Alice Austin, Founder of the campaign.

Most importantly, the events and photo challenge will comply with the Covid lockdown rules, to ensure the health
and safety of everyone involved.
It’s time to speak out, from the largest UK festivals to your local village fete, they’re all affected and need help.

We MISS events, we NEED events.

The #WeNeedEvents Hashtag Challenge:
Doing your food shop. Walking the dog. Exercising in the garden. Working from home; we need you to DRESS TO
IMPRESS in your funky festival threads, your favourite going ‘out out’ outfits, or your colourful show costumes! We
want to see your glamorous, fun loving and most vibrant selfies. Snap a pic or take a short video and share it to social
media with the hashtag #WeNeedEvents
Got that pic of you having a blast or working at your favourite festival or event? Lets see it!

Post it using the Hashtag #WeNeedEvents

For more info, keep an eye on the We Need Events facebook page (
There is going to be lots of fun and vibrant content to share. Check out our Instagram
( and share the hashtag #WeNeedEvents
If you are a musician, artist or influencer and would like to host an event or pre-record something for the launch,
we’d love to hear from you. Please email: