Corbyn supporting James O’Brien an LBC radio presenter, quite known for his extreme left-wing rants and his sanctimonious attitude to anyone that disagrees with him has been caught pushing fake news.

James O’Brien wrongfully claimed the chairman of Carillion, Philip Green, is an adviser to the Prime Minister Theresa May on corporate responsibility. His Fake News has had over 9,000 retweets:

He was corrected by the Cabinet Office, and yet still hasn’t removed his attempt to spin the decline of a large corporation into a political attack against the Conservatives.

He still couldn’t help himself pushing more Fake News, by claiming his correction was bigger than the original tweet:

His correction managed to get around 175 retweets, far from the original post of over 9,000.

Mr O’Brien consistently talks about Fake News on his radio show, and now he is pushing it for his own extreme left-wing gain. Maybe we should be talking about the thousands of people who will be out of a job, rather than pushing fake news.