Brexit Party
Brexit Party

With “Brexit Betrayal” becoming a common term used across the country, is there any surprise that Nigel Farage’s new party – The Brexit Party is currently polling in 3rd place?

According to Henry Newman of Open Europe, a new poll by Hanbury Strategy for the European Parliament Elections, has The Brexit Party in 3rd place on 10.3%

Worryingly for the leave supporters, the same poll revealed that remain supporters are more motivated to vote. When asked if they would 10/10 be voting in the EU elections, remain answered 46.9% and leave 37.8%.

Full “likely” to support poll results:

Labour – 37.8%
Conservatives – 23.0%
Brexit Party – 10.3%
Liberal Democrats – 8.1%
UKIP – 7.5%
Change UK – 4.1%
SNP – 4.1%
Greens – 4.0%