Amazon Secures Patent for Custom 3D Printing Service

Amazon moves into the 3D Printing World

Amazon patent for 3D printing service. (Image: Amazon patent filing)

US giant Amazon has secured a US Patent for a Custom 3D Printing Service they planned in 2014. Amazon wants to 3D print products as a service, shipping or holding them for local pickup.

Amazon now officially holds a patent to launch a custom 3D printing service. That means consumers will be able to order custom-designed items through the e-commerce website and get them shipped right to their door or pick-up point.

The idea has been in development for quite some time now. Indeed, Amazon launched a store for 3D printed items in 2014. Back then, customers were able to order goods such as jewelry, toys or home décor. The creations were then manufactured by 3D printing partners Mixee, Sculpteo and 3DLT.

This will now allow Amazon to setup their own custom 3D Printing service allowing customers to pick and customise the product they want. This will give amazon a unique footing over it’s competitors.

The service is expected to be operated by 3D Printing Vendors such as 3D Hubs.